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I still can't make it work :(
Anyone has an idea why it doesn't work ?

Thanks in advance


2007/5/9, Olivier THIERRY <>:
So it should work with valdidate="false" ... But it doesn't ... So there's
still something wrong in my configuration ...
What is strange is that I can see validation errors in the logs. So it
looks like Struts keeps on running the request while there are validation
errors and so it should stop and call the input result !

Did I write something wrong in the following configuration ?

<action name="initCreerDemandeAbsence"
class="creerDemandeAbsenceAction" method="init">
<action name="submitCreerDemandeAbsence"
<interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />

The init method of my action loads list that will be used to fill select
lists in the form.
And the other method is the execute() one.

Is there something special to do in action classes to make the validation
work ?

2007/5/9, Guillaume Carré <>:
2007/5/9, Torsten Römer <>:
I just called my validation file ActionClassName-validation.xml, don't
even know what this alias is... and validation seems to work fine.
it is because you have only one method in your action
you need aliases when you want to be able to call several methods in
your action from your view, and if you want one validation file per
method, you need to use aliases in the name of the validation xml
As far as I recall (can't check it right now) I did not have to set
validate="true" for my form.
validate="true" is for client side validation (javascript validation)

Guillaume Carré

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