On 4/20/07, Ken Miller wrote:
"Craig McClanahan" <craigmcc@apache.org> 4/17/2007 4:33 PM >>>
Craig McClanahan wrote:
Yep ... it's magic :-).
Ah, magic. Lots of hand waving, followed gasps and applause :-)

Guys, thanks for the great info - this has all been really helpful. However, I do have one question regarding the loading of the tag descriptors.

When I first started getting struts working in my environment, I deployed the application with the struts jar files in the lib directory, and I was able to use the taglibs without making any changes to web.xml to create a uri-to-location mapping. (I take it the struts code looks for these tlds automatically upon startup, yes?)
Actually, it is the JSP page compiler (part of the servlet container)
that looks for these things, but yes, a modern container will scan JAR
files for "*.tld" files in the META-INF directory.
However, when I moved the struts jars into their own 'app', I was no longer able to do this. Placing a mapping in web.xml didn't help, and the only thing I could do was place the tlds in the WEB-INF directory in the web app. The strange this was that I was able to load the tlds via the class loader, although I didn't try it through the context class loader.
What does "moved the struts jars into their own 'app'" mean? If you
moved them to a different web application, they won't be accessible at
all. If you put them someplace like Tomcat's
$CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib directory, the JAR files should be
accessible ... but I have no idea whether Tomcat scans those JARs as
well as the ones in WEB-INF/lib.
Is this an example of the issues I may have to deal with by trying to share the struts libraries?



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