On 11 Aug 2008, at 20:12, Mark Overmeer wrote:

* Drew Taylor (drew@drewtaylor.com) [080811 17:16]:
mixed elements are a pain, because... they are not structured as a
HASH or ARRAY... a mixed mess.
Indeed they are!
You have (since release 0.89) the
. mixed_elements => STRUCTURED
to ignore the "mixedness" of them (may make exceptions with hooks)
ignoring the text between elements.
From my code diving yesterday, it's worth mentioning that the
mixed_elements => STRUCTURED option stops everything for the Writer.
It would be useful to have since on my requests I have no mixed
content and can easily ignore what's not there. Actually, I had a
question about this code in Translate::Writer::makeMixedElement():

elsif($mixed eq 'STRUCTURAL')
{ # mixed_element eq STRUCTURAL is handled earlier
panic "mixed structural handled as normal element";

Where is STRUCTURAL handled earlier? I didn't see anything obvious
from the stack trace.
Both nicely structured. In most schema's I have seen, "mixed" was
Unfortunately the responses do have mixed content. IMHO the schema I'm
working with is very complicated, in contrast with the large but sane
schema (TORIX) we're using at $work for our API. Luckily I'm only
implementing two of the messages.

<Price Role="Supplement">blah blah<Segment Ref="CELASSGS"/>
<Amount Quantity="1" Target="Unit" Value="3000"/>
<Amount Target="Total" Value="3000"/>
Is there a
shortcut I can use to reduce the boiler plate I'd be using to
the XML nodes? How are other people handling mixed schemas?
XML::Simple::XMLout() ? Probably not.
Interesting idea. I think XML::LibXML::Simple could be useful on the
server side to generate the request. I might see the effort involved
in writing XML::LibXML::Simple::XMLout()...

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