Hi all,

I have the pleasure of working with a schema which has lots of
complexTypes that allow mixed elements (<complexType name="FooType"
mixed="true">). If it matters, I'll mostly be making requests to a
service and parsing the response. It seems that this is generally not
well supported based on my reading of the docs and experimentation. I
can use a hashref to specify the attributes of given mixed element,
but must pass an XML::LibXML::Node object for the nested elements/
text. The $64k question is: how can I create the nodes as easily as I
can create non-mixed XML?

Here's an example I'm dealing with. This is how I expected to be able
to pass the data:

Control =>
# <Control>
# <Requester Channel="Extranet" Code="TO-TEST-PV"> <Company
# <Code Role="Rebate" Value="xxx" Name="salesContractId"/> </
# <Country Code="FR"/> </Requester> </Control>
Requester => # element
Channel => 'Extranet',
Code => 'TO-TEST-PV',
Company =>
Is => 'TourOperator',
Code => { Role => "Rebate", Value => 'xxx', Name =>
'salesContractId' },
Country => { Code => 'FR' },
# <Style Direction="Out"><Language Code="EN"/></Style>
Style =>
Direction => 'Out', # an attribute
Language => { Code => 'EN' }, # element

But it appears that for the Requester element I have to construct an
XML::LibXML node, and also for the Language element. Is there a
shortcut I can use to reduce the boiler plate I'd be using to generate
the XML nodes? How are other people handling mixed schemas?


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