Alan Coopersmith wrote:
C. Bergstr?m wrote:
of things that need open source replacements:


I'd be tempted to just "ln -s less more", but then I setenv PAGER less myself.


I believe the ksh93 project has replacements available for these. Have you
contacted them?


I think GNU patch (which is the descendant of the original Larry Wall patch)
is the only sane choice here - it's what /usr/bin/patch points to in OpenSolaris
now, after many many years of customers complaining our patch was incompatible
with many patch files in the wild.
Hi Alan,

Thanks for the response.. The problem with testing will likely not be
the user reaction, but the reaction of legacy boot scripts which expect
ancient behavior.. Also fwiw.. The last OSUNIX iso that was spun by
estibi to the best of my knowledge only had libc as a remaining task.
Our userland has swapped out closed bins for ksh93 wrapper scripts a
long time ago..

This missing points when I went quiet before was a) compiler in general
b) C++ runtime that wasn't GNU c) libc

My position at PathScale has allowed me to privately get engineers to
work on a, b and I'm happy someone stepped up and tackled c. It wasn't
much work by our estimate (3 man days for the initial write), but for a
small company every day counts..

I'm highly motivated to see this to completion even if it takes *a lot*
longer than originally anticipated..


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