Hi all,

Garrett D'Amore from Nexenta (formally Sun) has been in private working
on replacing the closed parts of libc.

Here's the code review

From what I understand this hasn't undergone any legal or actual
testing, but please help out by doing code review.
PathScale is preparing an alpha release of our AMD64/Intel compiler for
OpenSolaris. For people who care about extreme performance for C, C++
and Fortran code it may be interesting to you. We're merging the last
remaining bits now and you can pull and build the community version
now. Our long term goal is be able to replace suncc for building and
*booting* all of onnv-gate. We'll also be able to provide highly
optimized math libraries to replace what's provided with Oracle Studio
(formally Sun Studio)

It will take a while, but for feedback and instrumentation we plan to
automatically insert dtrace probes. This could give a big boost to
helping performance tune things like KDE4 and other big C++ applications.

For GPGPU support PathScale has started on porting our NVIDIA Tesla
driver to OpenSolaris, but that has stalled since the engineer that was
working on it is busy with other things. When this is complete it will
bring HMPP C, C++ and HMPP Fortran.

If anyone has intimate knowledge about the virtual memory internals for
the OpenSolaris kernel please email off-list.



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