Who around here is going to OSDEVCON?

Thing's have been *very* quiet for months.. Apologies for that, but
it's with great news I share a few updates..

1) CDDL + GPL + ISO legal problem is solved. You can find the letter
from the SFLC here

2) Both OSUNIX and Path64 were finally accepted to SPI


Side note: While I never in a million years want to merge OSUNIX with
Debian. By spending the time and effort to clear the way we technically
could help a sub-group of interested folks around here in making a
Debian + OSUNIX sub project.

3) Fully open source progress

We've found people to help us with the compiler and libc, but blocked by
ISO + installer

4) ZFS boot support in grub2

One of the main grub devs (phcoder) did all the hard work and now grub2
builds and boots zfs. yay! They were even able to squeeze it down so
it's small enough to fit inside the extra space on the disk for the MBR
or something. Anyway the result was that at the grub prompt you could
read and (I believe write) to the zfs pools. This will provide some
great recovery tools for admins that ever get in trouble and don't have
a livecd handy.

5) Open Group and running certain certification test suites..

Can't comment on this publicly until the agreement is signed, but if
you're interested to help write and give feedback on next UNIX standard
please email me off list.

6) Talks, research and future vision

I gave a talk to 14 bored people at University of Delaware recently.
However, for those who actually got the big picture I think we have some
excited new supporters.

I'm currently talking with Tsinghua and ICT in China about using OSUNIX
as a research platform.

A lot of this is driven by the fact that OpenSolaris has better
engineering and some awesome tools + performance. OSUNIX as many people
around here are already familiar with aims to significantly reduce the
threshold for contributing.

7) New code review system

Patch queues are great for experimenting, code review and long running
branches. By using mercurial patch queues we can give anyone write
access to the queue and let them commit freely without worrying about it
going directly to hg tip. This goes hand in hand with the review early
and review off development practice we follow inside PathScale. Each
time a patch is committed to the queue it will be automatically inserted
into our Google code review system at http://cr.pathscale.com . The code
review is undergoing development and will have new features and bug
fixes over the next week. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
(Currently, we're only missing support for private repositories and
private code review. We realize some businesses and researchers must
keep their work secret until it's ready for release.)

8) Smart package manager and python work

University of Delaware has someone interested to help us, but blocked by
ISO and me detailing clearly what needs to be done. The good news is
the whoel thing works based on our current testing. This may be old
news for some, but pkgcore does build debs now and smart does handle
them and resolve dependencies as expected. It's a really novel way to
combine ebuilds + binary packages in a seamless manner.

9) NetSyncro.com Inc. renamed to PathScale and sponsoring contributions

My company NetSyncro acquired the rights to PathScale and is now in a
much more active role to push OSUNIX. PathScale is a company developing
a highly optimized HPC compiler. With the combining of the two
companies we're aiming to now provide a unified HPC solution built on
OpenSolaris technology. This will also include a fully open source
compiler to build all of onnv-gate as well as support for NVIDIA CUDA
and GPU accelerator technology. GCC while still making lots of
prorgress in terms of performance is still behind in some/most areas
compared to PathScale. This is early information and official
announcements should be mid-November.

How this affects OSUNIX:

a. PathScale compiler will soon be officially support on OSUNIX and
b. For Opteron based systems PathScale is one of the industries
highest optimizing compilers and this is certainly true among free
software. Source code is available upon request until we resolve some
copyright ownership issues. We anticipate this will be around

10) ZFS dedup

PathScale may sponsor dedup development, but is looking for partners to
help test and also fund the project.

As always you can find us on irc

#osunix irc.freenode.net or online at http://webchat.freenode.net

I'm sure I've missed some things, but that should be enough to catch
people up and know the project is still quietly making progress.

Anyone who is in asia, europe or the US and is willing to speak or help
out at a booth let me know. We plan to increase our presence at open
source and technology events and would need the help from volunteers to
spread the word and success stories.


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