So to start with some good news..

We have a working and booting iso build process finally (The doc on
osunix.org needs to be edited)
Big thanks goes to Moinak

We have Xorg-1.6.1 built (not tested at all)
Big thanks to andy_js


So what's next on *my* list this week...

1) Icedtea6 which depends on cups
2) cups.h - cups-1.3.10
3) zero sized files (I have the list and which packages are broken..
Will be fixed this week)
4) broken hardlinks.. Will be fixed this week
5) pkgcore setting bad perms (I think fixed and will confirm)
6) Version bump from snv_107 to snv_113 (after icedtea6 is done so that
I'll have a proper javac to build *everything* in O/N)
7) Add pre/post install script support
8) non-profit (The entity will be established this week.. We'll figure
out on Monday/Tuesday if we're going to do it in Germany or US
Delaware. After May 5th I think I' have some really good news, but want
to wait before announcing.)

For CommunityOne West this year I really want to have a *fully* open
opensolaris technology distribution iso in hand.. (Yes this includes
libc as well) I also have business card designs with the very nice
kurei mascot and will possibly make up a limited amount of t-shirts and

Assuming this week goes without too much issue I'm going to focus
heavily on libc, open toolchain and patch integration in May. This
means taking all the patches from J?rg, Patrick, Nexenta, code reviews
and many others and merging them at the packaging level first for testing.

Our dpkg binary repo is alive and has gone some testing. Starting with
the next O/N release there will be around 2k+ packages. I could do a
bulk import, but frankly quality > quantity.

Some of our top priority packages will be

A solution for those needing 32bit support is being planned, but needs
implementing. So if you're good with python feel free to volunteer. We
currently have no python devs helping out which is slowing down progress.

We should also be able to arrange 1-2 more free trainings in the month
of May. Both are yet confirmed, but will probably be OpenSolaris
development and Perl related. (Mostly to show off how our enlighted
perl web stack and *very* fast perl for OSUNIX) Based on
http://www.osunix.org/poll.jspa?poll00 I'll also try to arrange a
dtrace training session, but not sure should is willing/knowledgeable
enough for this.

Questions and feedback is welcome


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