Things have been quiet, but we've been hard at work to push the OSUNIX
project forward. From the start one of our main goals has been to unit
the community of developers interested in OpenSolaris technology. It's
with great honor that the Belenix team has decided to merge work and
continue as a unified effort. With that there will soon be two branches

* Belenix - Stable, rock solid and suitable for workstation
* Vertigo - Future technology, newer packages and great research
platform. (Will branch after Belenix merge)

In the coming months we plan to focus specifically on

* Fully open (last part is libc)
* Tools for building appliances
* Solid virtualization platform and image creation (xen / virtualbox)
* Large scale storage management (interface on top of libzfs)
* Better documentation
* Xorg 1.6
* KDE4.2 + seamless desktop integration
* Better installer with package selection and zfs options

For developers and evangelists we can now offer @osunix.org emails.
It's powered by Google hosted apps so has all the same great features as
gmail with imap and pop3 support. Let us know if you're interested.

New ways to get notified of patches/commits


Source repo has moved


OSPKG (fork of pkgcore)
ospkg is a fork of pkgcore which aims to add innovative features that
are unacceptable to the current pkgcore developers. This will include a
better handling of QA through QA sets, defining package boundaries and a
policy based system that replaces the package.* configs. In addition
we'll add better docs, error handling/reporting, and a much improved
ability to build multiple binary formats. (eg. debs, oxe and possibly
rpm) ospkg will tie seamlessly into smart package manager to function as
tightly coupled complete solution for managing the global zones and zones.


It's been a while, but the port of the Open64 compiler is almost done.
It currently will build optimized c code and we need to fix a couple
bugs for it to generate c++. Benchmarks and the full evaluation will be
posted online soon.

Current patch:

In terms of documentation you'll notice a few new additions to
http://www.osunix.org In the future it will be a very high priority to
properly document all packaging and new developer items so people have
the easiest time getting started. Moinak from the belenix team is
helping package an iso and virtualbox image. Soon after that we'll make
sure all getting started guides are updated. I hope this makes things a
lot more clear and as always all questions/comments are welcome.



Community driven OpenSolaris Technology - http://www.osunix.org
blog: http://www.codestrom.com

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