For reasons which I don't care about Sun may not apply to be a gsoc
organization this year. However, I'm not discouraged from trying to
propose some exciting zfs related ideas. On/off list feel free to send
your vote, let me know if you can mentor or if you know a company that
could use it.

Here's more or less what I've collected...

1) Excess ditto block removing + other green-bytes zfs+ features -
*open source* (very hard.. can't be done in two months)
2) raidz boot support (planning phase and suitable student already
found. could use more docs/info for proposal)
3) Additional zfs compression choices (good for archiving non-text files?
4) zfs cli interface to add safety checks (save your butt from
deleting a pool worth more than your job)
5) Web or gui based admin interface
6) zfs defrag (was mentioned by someone working around petabytes of
7) vdev evacuation as an upgrade path (which may depend or take
advantage of zfs resize/shrink code)
8) zfs restore/repair tools (being worked on already?)
9) Timeslider ported to kde4.2 ( *cough* couldn't resist, but put
this on the list)
10) Did I miss something..

#2 Currently planning and collecting as much information for the
proposal as possible. Today all ufs + solaris grub2 issues were
resolved and will likely be committed to upstream soon. There is a one
liner fix in the solaris kernel also needed, but that can be binary
hacked worst case.

#5/9 This also may be possible for an outside project.. either web
showcase or tighter desktop integration..

The rest may just be too difficult in a two month period, not something
which can go upstream or not enough time to really plan well enough..
Even if this isn't done for gsoc it may still be possible for the
community to pursue some of these..

To be a mentor will most likely require answering daily/weekly technical
questions, ideally being on irc and having patience. On top of this
I'll be available to help as much as technically possible, keep the
student motivated and the projects on schedule.


#ospkg irc.freenode.net - (Mostly OpenSolaris development rambling)

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