On Tue, Mar 03, 2009 at 11:35:40PM +0200, "C. Bergstr?m" wrote:
7) vdev evacuation as an upgrade path (which may depend or take
advantage of zfs resize/shrink code)
IIRC Matt Ahrens has said on this list that vdev evacuation/pool
shrinking is being worked. So (7) would be duplication of effort.
8) zfs restore/repair tools (being worked on already?)
IIRC Jeff Bonwick has said on this list that ubberblock rollback on
import is now his higher priority. So working on (8) would be
duplication of effort.
1) Excess ditto block removing + other green-bytes zfs+ features -
*open source* (very hard.. can't be done in two months)
Using the new block pointer re-write code you might be able to deal with
re-creating blocks with more/fewer ditto copies (and compression, ...)
with incremental effort. But ask Matt Ahrens.
6) zfs defrag (was mentioned by someone working around petabytes of
(6) probably depends on the new block pointer re-write code as well.
But (6) may also be implied in vdev evac/pool shrink, so it may be
duplication of effort.


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