So for those interested I wanted to share a quick status update. Myself
and a few others are really pushing hard so that by FOSDEM we can have
bootable media.

The areas we've been working are

1) Toolchain (porting open64 - in progress needs help)
2) Developer tools (porting sandbox - done - needs to be packaged)
3) Package management
a. Creation of binary packages (mostly done)
b. Creation of repo (Plans done - needs implementing)
c. Adding support for both the new binary package and repo to smart
package manager (TODO)
d. QA framework (initial planning - TODO)
4) Packaging
a. onnv-gate/usr/src/lib/* (30 left from 200 - Any help appreciated)
b. onnv-gate/usr/src/cmd/* (100 left from 400 - Any help appreciated)
c. onnv-gate/usr/src/uts/* (done - but very large package and
could/should be broken into smaller parts)
d. onnv-gate/usr/src/tools/* (TODO)
5) Installer - TODO
6) Xorg - (planned - I can start this if someone would finish)
7) IcedTea6 - (planned, but blocked by needing xorg headers)
9) External onnv-gate ( done - )
Thanks to the bitbucket guys we have a synced fork of onnv-gate. Every
hour it's pulls the upstream onnv-gate changesets and notifies us of
a. We need to establish contributor/patch policy
b. Once self hosting will setup opengrok
If any questions please feel free to ask and I'll elaborate on the idea,
plans and or what's remaining. By Sunday or Monday I'm hoping to have
the boot critical packages all done and possibly testing the hardware
based install. Also if we get the open64 port done that could speed up
progress in a lot of areas because of the gcc compatible front-end. I
recently bumped from snv_105 to snv_107 in about 2 minutes and all went
smoothly on the update. After we are out of the trenches of packaging
I'd really like to start some ambitious projects that could benefit
voip, hosting providers, and large deployments/clusters.



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