On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 6:19 AM, Mark Martin wrote:

I was thinking of having infrastructure similar to sf.net at, say
genunix.org, which will help people get started with OpenSolaris
development with virtually no overhead.
Anyone care to comment ?
Prophetic, it would seem. :)
Sorry for not responding sooner -- I'm only now going through about a
month's backlog of email-to-respond-to.

Where would you begin? I'm assuming we're talking about a whole new
repository for the project, ignoring the Sun-owned and Sun-controlled
infrastructure hosting the OpenSolaris development currently? Bug
tracking, mailing lists, etc?
Yes, probably. I think current setup with Sun being in control of
virtually everything isn't healthy.
When Sun will decide to pull the plug (and I have no doubt Sun (the
corporate) will do it one day, whatever the reason will be) we'd
better have something not just prepared and ready, but rather working.
Speaking of sf.net, why not host it there?
Well, I was going to answer that sf.net doesn't allow one to choose
CDDL as a license covering the hosted project, but I just checked it
and apparently they allow it now.

Still, having community site focused on OpenSolaris can be beneficial
(see above)


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