Mark Martin wrote:
C. Bergstr?m wrote:
Hi all..

J?rg and I had a really interesting conversation last night and I
wanted to publicly share my progress and hope J?rg and others can
write down more details so we can start to make an actual plan.

To start this is the list of symbols/functions that I know are left
in 32bit libc that need reimplementing.. (need to noop them and see
if there's anything behind, but....)

_putwc pics/putwchar.o
_scrwidth pics/doprnt.o
wcstombs pics/strtows.o
strcoll pics/scandir.o
strftime pics/cftime.o
fnmatch pics/glob.o
__mbst_get_lc_and_fp pics/doprnt_w.o
_set_orientation_wide pics/__fputwc_xpg5.o

Good work, thanks guys!
I can make a reproducible way to get this far in my packaging system
or something more generic if needed.. Roughly I did this..
clone onnv-gate..
Get the 2007 opensolaris gsoc project from John Sonnenschein
If you're using sun cc then you'll have to make some changes to the
fbsd code
gatetome.patch will need some changes. (this should be obvious)
copy the resulting libc.a into the correct place
build lib/libc

Once the project I'm working on boots and pulls network I'll release
a livecd with as much of a development environment as will fit..
Which architectures? Is this a hint at another distro or is this
OpenSolaris(tm) 2009.1/64bit clean?
By the project I just meant my modular onnv-gate work.. pushing that
into a livecd shouldn't be too hard and I think for the curious it would
make things a lot easier.. (Yes I am working on 64bit clean, but that's
another thread)


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