On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 2:13 PM, "C. Bergstr?m" wrote:

Hi and good weekend everyone..

Decisions about infrastructure choices is around the corner and wanted to
ask those on the list for feedback.. If there are specific tools/features
you find particularly helpful or important please make suggestions now.

I'm open to both closed source products willing to sponsor our community or
entirely open source tools. Personally, I'm less religious on this and more
about efficiency and solving real problems..

I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a messy thread, but some of the things
under consideration:

1) Issue tracker (jira, bugzilla, mantis, google code, bitbucket, or.. ?)
2) Code review tools (webrev, crucible, or..)
3) Forums
4) Do we want a wiki or is there a better way to handle this
5) hg vs git? (Please read note [1])
6) Blogging platform

I'd prefer to handle this in some organized.. vote + reason manner
why/concerns manner

can you please elaborate a little bit more on why you believe these
tools are necessary. Or rather why the separate instance of these
tools is necessary ?

For example, with issue tracker - what sorts of issues are we going to track ?

Anyhow, see below my comments.
My votes currently..

Issue tracker and code review for me is hands down jira / crucible.. Even if
closed source I find those tools easier to work with and will long term save
us time on bug wrangling, setup and maintenance. Also amount of plug-ins
around this is quite good and could help us in many ways.

+1 jira/crucible
I have no direct experience with jira, however, I've heard a lot of
good words about atlassian tools, so I am in favor of experimenting
with that.
Anyway, how easy is to export/import data from/to jira ?
[1] git vs hg should not even be brought up, but I know a lot of people are
already familiar with hg. The reasons why not to use git since the initial
evaluation have been resolved. git may offer technical advantages such as
partial or sub tree check out. Git has a larger community and probably long
term will grow faster than hg.. (I'm a big fan of hg, but even Chris Mason
switched) Those contributing to other projects (dragonfly bsd, perl,
linux/gnu project may already be familiar with git)

+1 *distributed* fast scm which will allow partial/subtree check-out
Can you explain why partial clone/check-out is so important ? You are
clearly putting it above all other features.
I also believe that having SCM tool different than that of the
upstream, will not make the overall operation easier.


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