On 5/26/11 4:50 PM, George Hrysanthopoulos wrote:

The two links you supplied have been of great use to me.
Thank you for taking the time to create them.

If my email seemed a bit heavy on criticism, please
accept my apologies. There is no room for critics
in an open source project. Only contributors.

So, in that regard:

As a newbie to FormFu, I was expecting a HOWTO
like this:

1. Get your Apache server running.
2. Install FormFu
3. Create these (x number) of files.
4. Run the example.

The examples in the documentation go into great
detail on how to give parameters to FormFu
but are missing some serious details.

For example, it is clear that (from the script
that processes the form), after the user hits "submit",
that the proper sequence of events is:

# @(#)
use strict;
use warnings;
use HTML::FormFu;
use YAML::XS qw( Load );
use CGI qw(:standard);
use HTML::Template;

use vars qw ($template $form $formret);
my($CGI_query, $template, $formret);

$CGI_query = new CGI;
print $CGI_query->header();

$form = HTML::FormFu->new;
$form->query( $CGI_query ) ;

if ( $form->submitted ) {
# Now process that data as filled in by the user

None of the documentation mentions CGI and proper calling

When Carl gave me a hint I knew immediately what to do.
But this is after scratching my head for two days.

This is what I meant but not having enough docs.

I am more than happy to submit the 4 files (of my very simple
form and associated CGI/template files), for everyone to
use. It is a complete project.


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