Dear List,

I'm attempting to use the Filter::CopyValue within a multi element which
itself is inside a repeatable block. I'm trying to copy the value from
another field in the same multi (ie also same row). However things aren't
going to plan It doesn't seem to be working, possibly because the field
name is not being updated with the nested name.

Snippet from config:

- type: Repeatable
name: staff_rep
increment_field_names: 1
auto_id: %n
counter_name: staff_repnum
- type: Multi
name: staff
- type: Text
name: name
- type: Text
name: prefname
- type: CopyValue
field: name
#also tried field: staff_rep.staff.name and field:staff.name

Should the value of 'field' in the filter be being updated? what would be
the best way to, perhaps, write my own filter say that will use the
modified names what methods can I use to access the current row and format
to append the row count to? or perhaps there is a better way?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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