2009/4/29 abhishek jain <abhishek.netjain@gmail.com>:
I want to display the form for the telephone which is actually three text
fields of size 3 characters each,
If i create as a normal field then I can not have them in a same line,
I hence have added them as a block, so i now have all three boxes in same
line, but i want to limit the size of all three input boxes.
So my question is -
How can i have the sized of input boxes limited?
If via CSS then i am new to CSS and i do not know how to link Block to a CSS
and then limit the display size to 3.
any pointers?
I'd suggest you use a "Multi" instead of a normal Block.
This will put them all on the same line, with a single label.

The cpan distribution has a "examples/vertically-aligned" directory
containing css - that would be a good starting point.


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