Postgres allows you to perform full text search using tsearch. That might be worth looking into.

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On Feb 15, 2012, at 6:03 PM, Paolo Gianrossi wrote:

Hi List,

I have a Schema/Result class holding user stories. These user stories have various fields, most importantly an Owner (foreign key to another class, User), a body (Text) and a "reason" (more text).

What I need to do is enable my users to search for stories of an owner (typing the username/part of username they want) or for matching keywords inside body and/or reason. This sounds to me very close to fulltext search, but I was wondering if there is a standard/best practice way to manage this need, considering the possibility of changing DB backend (SQLite to MySQL or pgsql probably...)

Any clues or pointers?

Thanks a lot!


Paolo Gianrossi

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