I can't check it out now, but my best bet would be the following:

a) do as I told in my prior email, so you specify caching strategy for
most of your tables with almost no effort.

b) for the tables wich you want to have a different caching policy,
modify the resultset_attributes parameter for that class in the Schema
class configuration (in the file part which is not rewritten when
regenerating the schema).

Please try :-)

El 04/07/11, Fernan Aguero <fernan.aguero@gmail.com> escribi?:
Hola Jorge,

first of all many thanks for sharing your tips.

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Jorge Gonzalez
This is the full configuration for my model, which includes heavy
caching (it's a readonly access to a data warehouse which gets
updated once a day):

? traits:
??? - Caching
??? - SchemaProxy
? default_resultset_attributes:
??? cache_for: 3600??? # cache results for one our
? connect_info:
??? dsn: 'dbd:mysql:host=;database=test'
??? user: test
??? password: test

With this configuration I didn't have to touch a single line where
queries were being executed. [snipped]
I have one question, though: I have a number of essentially static
tables (very infrequent changes), and some tables that change a lot
during a session (e.g. those that store data from the user's session,
for persistency across logins).

Is there a way to exclude specific tables from the caching?

I've read the docs and I see I can specify the caching (yes/no, TTL)
for every query being executed ...

The problem is that i) I don't want to do this (I prefer your
suggestion to turn on caching for all queriesI; and ii) the queries
for which I'd like to turn off caching are not executed by me, but by
the corresponding plugins (e.g. Session::Store::DBIC;

Anyone has solved this? Suggestions welcome.


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