"Kaare" == Kaare Rasmussen writes:
Kaare> If you like to use the DBMS as a data store, MySQL is a very good choice. But
Kaare> perhaps some of the "new" nosql bases (CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, etc) could do
Kaare> the same job better or faster.

No they can't, not the *same* job.

Kaare> If you like the DBMS to do some work for you, PostgreSQL is the best Open
Kaare> Source choice. Paying for it could bring you Oracle, DB2, SQL Server. With
Kaare> PostgreSQL you could for example use Perl (or a lot of other languages) for
Kaare> functions.

No-brainer here I think. Yes, I'd very much like all of the software
components I'm using to do as much work as possible for me, that way I
can deliver early.

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