Thanks and sorry to anyone who bothered to reply to my silly, sleep-deprived
post below -- I totally overlooked DBIx::Class::Fixture's 'dump' method.
(Didn't see any replied, was on the digest option.)

Thanks, though.
On 19 August 2010 13:27, Lee Goddard wrote:

I am in a situation similar to the one Ovid described in thread of 2008
entiteld 'Re: [Dbix-class] Re: Caching DBIx-Class Fixtures'

That is, I have an ovelry-large production database, upon which I perform a
large number of truncations to leave only reference data. On top of this
'base' i need dto install some fixtures, ie have a known data set inserted,
so that I can bring a dead test suite back to life.

I am thinking of using 'debugobj,' or even DBI's tracing (to dump raw SQL),
to create the fixtures.

Before I start, though, I am wondering if there is an easy way to convert
either type of data into DBIx::Class::Fixtures or simillar? From a quick
read of perldoc DBIx::Class::Fixtures, it seems the JSON is hand-crafted,
whereas my data will be from several hundred user-journeys.

Thanks in anticipation
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