On Jul 20, 2009, at 8:19 PM, fREW Schmidt wrote:
On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 10:10 PM, Ashley wrote:
On Jul 20, 2009, at 7:52 PM, fREW Schmidt wrote:
Very interesting! How did you generate the table structure for the
SQLite database?
Still, I think deploy is a really hot feature and I'm so glad it's
become more mature/stable lately along with the pieces it relies on
like SQL::Translator; the folks who work on those rule. Check out
DBIx::Class::Fixtures too. Chocolate and peanut-butter.

Interesting. I assumed that might be how you pull it off. Our
models don't have any column type information, but I doubt that
will be an issue since everything in SQLite is just TEXT or BLOB or
whatever. One last question. Did you dump the SQL statements with
perl or MySQL?
I think that's a trick to answer. You don't need to dump any SQL at
all. I happen to do so because I use the Loader stuff to create my
schemata but I'm dumping definitions (because SQLite has no FK
support yet). Your DBIC classes create the DB and from there you
could--never tried it but it should work fine--use the original DB
via a connected schema to populate the new DB via its own connected
schema. Then just iterate through the DB that has data copying it to
the one that doesn't.

If your original DB has the FKs and such you could recreate your
schema dynamically from a connection to it. See http://

The data transfer would be (possibly extremely) slow on a big DB and
dumping SQL in some standard format and reloading would be faster and
maybe easier if you can find the right docs and flags; which I
couldn't help with off-hand.

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