2013/5/11 Darren Duncan <darren@darrenduncan.net>:
I remember, a few years ago around when this mailing list started, there was
some discussion about that one way to help make DBD::SQLite development
easier was to make use of something called "alien", a project to help use C
libraries from Perl without having to explicitly code XS or wrappers to do
so, and maybe pull it from the internet too, or something like that.

No, Alien::* is not about coding. It's about locating (and building if
not available) external C libraries/header files and gathering
information for configuration. You still need to write XS code.

As for DBD::SQLite, the SQLite3 source is bundled in the distribution,
and thus, Alien is not necessary (we don't need to locate the stuff),
unless you'd like to use different versions of SQLite from the bundled
one, and we have disabled that option intentionally in the Makefile.PL
for several reasons.

- K

I see now that this project may have been realized to the point that we can
try using it for DBD::SQLite at least experimentally:


So if there are any interested parties, there's something for you to play

-- Darren Duncan

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