So as part of my sports league web site, I've been looking at adding the
ability to download matches into personal calendars. It strikes me the
most obvious way to do this is with a view, something like
Catalyst::View::ICal - there doesn't seem to be anything like that around
at the moment, so based on the fact that I've never actually contributed
anything to CPAN before (I know that bit is beyond the scope of this list,
I'm looking into that at the moment) I'm sort of thinking it might be
something handy to add in, what do you folks think?

It should be pretty simple even for someone like me, as I think I can use
Data::ICal <http://search.cpan.org/~alexmv/Data-ICal/lib/Data/ICal.pm> to
do most of the work... but is it a reasonable idea and is a view the best
way to do it in any case? I've had a look through the Catalyst::View::*
modules and couldn't see anything similar, which probably means the idea is
a load of rubbish or no one has had need for it yet I guess - if it's the
former I won't be offended if people tell me so... :-)


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