Hi Alec,
On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Alec Taylor wrote:
Are there recent accessible statistics available, comparing these
metrics across the most popular web-frameworks? (i.e. Symfony, DJango,
Rails, ASP.NET &etc)
I don't have any statistics, but I can tell you that Catalyst handles
50 million pageviews a month for us with just two
web-/application-servers and there's still a lot of room (CPU-load
peaks at around 2 on a quad-core). Your bottleneck will almost always
be your database, most certainly not Catalyst. Comparing Catalyst to
other frameworks in a "Hello world"-style benchmark (as has been done
by some people in the past) really proves absolutely nothing because
your app will probably spend 80% of its time waiting for the database.

Catalyst has a lot of pre-built components/plugins that will help you
with almost every aspect you'll have to deal with:

If you're looking for complete, ready-to-use applications (like
Magento) I guess you need to start looking in the direction of PHP
because neither Perl nor Python or Ruby offer that much variety there.
But if what you want is a custom solution, I can whole-heartedly
recommend Catalyst and its ecosystem!


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