On 7/26/2010 11:41 AM, Marc Gamontini wrote:
Thanks you for your answer.
But you're right, the module ..is in its directory. I'm going to check
the package declaration.
I wondered if my team (a java one) could use Catalyst in a production
env, but we're not ready. A lot of examples don't work (from the first
and the second books we bought). I discovered the last erratas on the
apress site : is it possible to get a full (+edit) DBAuth example that
works ? It would be nice to remove, for "simple" CRUD examples, the
authentication layer and get working code with *stable* conventions,
at least for new comers like us ! It is *very* difficult to start
Catalyst Tutorials from cpan on other distribs (Debian is ok, but we
don't use it here). Catalyst is an elegant one, but hard to master (?!).
Being a new comer to Catalyst myself, I've had similar experiences. I
will say that we were all warned that the learning curve was substantial
(I'm referring to the Definitive Guide to Catalyst). Over the past year
I have had to put off things that I *wanted* to do because I didn't
quite understand enough about the underlying code. Tools like
HTML::FormHandler have several features that I think would be cool to
use (Widgets), but I've had enough just getting basic database updates
to work that I can't possibly spend the time now learning how to make
HFH output HTML (I'm sticking with template toolkit).

I will say that I've learned a lot about Catalyst, and feel like I've
just scratched the surface. We do have a very simple production
application written in Catalyst, and are working on a much more complex
one currently, as we are believers in the perl community and CPAN and
the philosophies associated with them.

Good luck, and keep at it!
Best regards,
2010/7/26 Steve <steve@matsch.com
Something IS missing - the 'Addresses.pm' module! Actually, I'd
be surprised if it's actually missing, however Perl can't find it
for some reason. I would check the 'package' declaration in your
module against the error. It could be an issue with plurality,
likely because a change was made somewhere along the line in how
DBIC handles this. Whatever the case, perl is looking for that
module and can't find it.

Dev site: http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/

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