On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 11:15 AM, Steve wrote:
On 7/26/2010 11:41 AM, Marc Gamontini wrote:

Being a new comer to Catalyst myself, I've had similar experiences. I
will say that we were all warned that the learning curve was substantial
(I'm referring to the Definitive Guide to Catalyst). Over the past year I
have had to put off things that I *wanted* to do because I didn't quite
understand enough about the underlying code. Tools like HTML::FormHandler
have several features that I think would be cool to use (Widgets), but I've
had enough just getting basic database updates to work that I can't possibly
spend the time now learning how to make HFH output HTML (I'm sticking with
template toolkit).

I will say that I've learned a lot about Catalyst, and feel like I've just
scratched the surface. We do have a very simple production application
written in Catalyst, and are working on a much more complex one currently,
as we are believers in the perl community and CPAN and the philosophies
associated with them.

Good luck, and keep at it!
Similar experience here -- Catalyst pulls in so many modules, it's difficult
to see which method, from which module, is the one that's Just Right for the
task at hand. This is the strong point of modular code, of course: just
refer to a module someone else has already written that takes care of this
issue, leverage their experience and brainpower, and you save yourself a lot
of time.

But there's still a steep investment finding the right method from the right
module. There are so many!

It's a difficult problem and I don't think there will be any great solution
any time soon. Google helps, places like CPAN help, folks who blog about
their trials and tribulations and solutions can help, but a definitive "how
to do my very specific task X" is often difficult to find without disturbing
folks on-list. (I'm imagining a Carnegie grant to get something going... :)
There's still a learning curve, but the corve has moved -- from "how do I do
this in Perl" to "How do I leverage the experience of all these bright folks
who have gone before me?"

But even for all its complexity and power, Catalyst really is well
documented, the community is great, and putting working websites together
really does get more and more elegant, the more you learn about the
framework. I was coding for a bit with a hardware wonk watching over my
shoulder and he saw me add two lines of code that did tons of work, adding
loads of functionality, and he was just floored. Getting to the point where
you know which two lines of code to add, that's the trick. :)

"You're going to charge me five hundred dollars for hitting the engine with
a hammer?"
"No, the hammer-hit only costs $1. Knowing WHERE to hit the engine, *that*
costs $499."

will trillich
"Sometimes life's gonna hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith."
-- Steve Jobs
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