I recently upgraded the DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader module (from ??? to
0.05003), and found that it broke a previously-working syntax, of
following a foreign key to another table. For instance, in the Catalyst
Perl sub, I do "$c->stash->{builds} = [$c->model('DB::Build')->all];"

Then, on the page (a TT page), I had a FOREACH loop "[% FOREACH build IN
builds -%]", and inside it, printed out various values for each of the
builds (server, version, source path, etc); one of these was a foreign
key to an "environment" table, which has columns for "name" and
"buildstring"; that line used to look like:

<td>[% build.environment_id.name %] ([%
build.environment_id.buildstring %])</td>

However, that syntax is no longer working; now I need to send the
environment in a separate $c->stash call (and in several other places,
in the Perl code, I have had to change it to do a lookup on the
intermediate table first, then get the value-the multiple "->" no longer

I realize this isn't strictly a Catalyst issue, but I do recall seeing a
suggestion on the list to upgrade that module to fix something else (I
think it was autocrud issues I was experiencing)-and now that it's
breaking this very useful syntax, I'm wondering:

a. if there's a way to bring it back easily (like adding some qw
to the "use" line?);

b. if I should revert to the working version (or some version in
between what I previously had (how do I determine that, after the
upgrade has already happened?), which fixes the autocrud issues but
doesn't break the "multiple '->'" usefulness); and

c. if there's perhaps some other solution?

For now, the solution I've used seems kludgey; I added to the Perl sub
this line: "$c->stash->{environments} =
$c->model('DB::Environment')->all;". And, instead of the one-liner
above in the TT, I now do 3 lines:

[% envid = build.environment_id -%]

[% env = environments.$envid -%]

<td>[% env.name %] ([% env.buildstring %])</td>


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