kevin montuori wrote:
In my experience (two or so years with DBIC/Catalyst and many, many
more with sundry DBI hacks) DBIC code has proven trivial to maintain
and augment. Furthermore, it's relatively easy to find programmers
who are familiar with it and can be brought up to speed quickly. Your
situation might be different; for me the maintenance is as important
as the development.

At $work we adopted DBIC around 3 years ago when we switched to Catalyst.
Since then, whenever we've brought new people onto the team I've had plenty
of discussions with them about how much DBIC gets in the way and they would
be able to get stuff done quicker if we just allowed them to write the SQL

Eventually given enough experience with what we do, everybody comes around
to seeing how much better things are with DBIC - especially when it comes to
adding new features into the existing code base. I would say that DBIC
actually becomes most useful when you stop thinking about SQL and start
thinking in terms of the data that you actually need. Instead of trying to
convert SQL to code, you just code and can be more productive.


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