Hi all,

I'm working on a Catalyst app; currently in the early stages. I'm also
learning the framework, so this may be a beginner question.

I started this app by defining the database tables, then creating a .sql
file, and using that to import to sqlite3 (I was following along in the
tutorial, for the most part). To verify everything was working, I added
autocrud, so I could watch the changes as I made them, including doing
some INSERTs to pre-populate the tables. Nothing fancy.

Then I create a "list" page (similar to "books/list", although in my
case it's "builds/list"), updated the code to extract "all" (builds
instead of books), and tested it. It worked fine, or so I thought; each
time I tested it, I first went to the autocrud page to verify the data,
and then loaded the list page.

Today, I restarted the server and then tried refreshing the
"builds/list" page. I got an exception, with lots of output. Rather
than including the entire output here, I'll just say that it started
with the following, which is what leads me to believe it's somehow
related to autocrud (and the other evidence that reloading any of the
autocrud pages makes the "builds/list" page work again).

Caught exception in SubmitBuild::View::AutoCRUD::JSON->process "must
provide object to convert at C:/Perl/site/lib/Catalyst/View/JSON.pm line

Please let me know if the rest of the output (or a specific portion of
it) would help in determining the root cause.


Ken Beal
Senior Software Engineer, Build/Release

Cross Country Automotive Services
One Cabot Road
Medford, MA 02155
p: (781) 306-3605
m: (978) 423-8977
e: kbeal@crosscountry-auto.com

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