I'm confused about the 'options' to script/foo_create.pl . Nothing
seems to work as documented.

Run without any parameters foo_create.pl says
foo_create.pl [options] model|view|controller name [helper] [options]
--force don't create a .new file where a file to
be created exists
--mechanize use Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst for
tests if available
--help display this help and exits
foo_create.pl controller My::Controller
foo_create.pl -mechanize controller My::Controller

Note already the disagreement between "--mechanize" and "-mechanize".

When I try either of these forms before the 'controller' or after all
other parameters I get an error apparently saying the options were
not interpreted correctly. Such as
Unknown option: m
Unknown option: e
Unknown option: c
Unknown option: a (note absence of 'h' !)
Unknown option: n
Unknown option: i
Unknown option: z
Unknown option: e
Couldn't load helper
"Catalyst::Helper::Controller::--mechanize", "syntax error at (eval
276) line 1, near "require Catalyst::Helper::Controller::--""

Why aren't options being understood as documented? For instance,
"--force" also explodes. But "-h" just shows the help without exploding. >-(

I see comptest.tt has sample code for including mechanize - is this
valid for controllers?

(Note: I'm up-to-date on all Catalyst components according to CPAN,
e.g. Catalyst::Devel 1.26)

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