2009/7/16 John Romkey <romkey@apocalypse.org>
For what it's worth, I do my development under MacOS X 10.5 (currently
10.5.7) and use FF 3.0.x (currently 3.0.11) as my primary browser for
development and haven't run into any problems. I'm up-to-date on all the
Catalyst packages. I normally run the built-in server with '-r -d' but
deploy on a Debian system under Apache2 (also no problems).
Hi, John,.

I believe K. akimoto was developing on an Ubuntu box and accessed his
application for testing with a Firefox 3/3.5 browser on Mac OS X for

kakimoto and Gordon, you did catch the earlier bit from Gunnar that using
CGI.pm with debugging turned on was the culprit for him, didn't you? Are you
using CGI.pm in your app or templates?
- john romkey

Yes, we did discuss that and I checked the codes with no sight of CGI.pm (at
least in the eyes of "fgrep -iRn CGI projects/myApp"

I do have something to announce (and K. akimoto's tried this too). It's that

he was running his app with "scripts/myapp_server.pl" - that caused the

I read up on the new book on Catalyst (woo hoo!) and ran it with the "-k"
flag to keep connections alive (ie. "scripts/myapp_server.pl -k") and that
seem to be stable (ie. Firefox 3/3.5 on Mac OS X was not hanging or taking
his server down).

Interesting but I am not entirely sure why Firefox 3/3.5 acts this way on
Mac OS X.
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