From: "Hans Dieter Pearcey" <hdp.perl.catalyst.users@weftsoar.net>
On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 10:46:49PM +0300, Octavian R??ni?? wrote:
I discovered the problem. Moose requires a newer version of Class::MOP
than the one I had it installed.

I don't know why cpan didn't try to install the newer version, because
I've seen that the newer version was required in the Makefile.PL.

But now installs fine after manually installing Class::MOP.
CPAN.pm using CPAN::SQLite had some inconsistent behavior with following
dependencies until the last version or so. Maybe you got bit by this?

Aha, that might be the problem because I installed that plugin for CPAN that
uses a local database.

I tried for more times to install the newer version of CPAN, but each time
I've done this, CPAN gave errors when trying to install a module with it, so
I let the version that came with the ActivePerl distribution.

Anyway, I found another problem that disallow me to install some modules
with CPAN. Some tests stop the execution and wait forever.
In cases like this I used to install the ppm version of those modules, but
now if I want to use local::lib I need to manually install those modules and
specify the prefix when doing perl Makefile.PL.

Could it be possible to use local::lib and specify that I want to skip the
tests for the current module?


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