On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 01:37:40AM +0200, Daniel Carrera wrote:
Btw, why is it called DBIC if CPAN says DBIx::Class?
For the same reason Mason isn't called "HTML" and Class::DBI isn't called
"Class". The first part of a module's namespace is not necessarily how people
refer to it.
Being able to chain resultsets makes it much much easier than using
straight SQL, and you write less code. If you have a query you've
constructed called $query, and lets say you now only want active
records you can do $query = $query->search({ active => 1 }); In this
way you can filter many things incrementally.
But is that efficient? It looks like you are getting MySQL to return the
entire data set and then making Perl filter it. That can't be efficient.
That isn't what's happening; DBIC resultsets don't actually hit the database
until they need to, and incrementally building up conditions doesn't need to.

This isn't the right place to ask your questions or correct all your
misconceptions about DBIC. You really should see its mailing list or irc
channel (listed in the documentation).


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