On Sat, May 02, 2009 at 06:17:19PM +0300, Octavian R??ni?? wrote:
From: "Ash Berlin" <ash_cpan@firemirror.com>
I'm guessing you've got your cat app rooted/deployed on '/' and are using
FastGCI (from your other thread)?
If so then I think you need something like this in the config:
Alias /server-status /server-status
Yes, this was the problem. I made some tests and I came to the conclusion
that Catalyst responds to all those URIs which don't have a distinct Alias
when it is used with fastcgi, no matter if they are handled by other
I don't understand why you mention Catalyst here.

That's just how Alias works in apache; if you don't understand it you should
be reading the http://httpd.apache.org/ manual and talking to apache lists;
there's exactly zero Catalyst specific ness here :)

Matt S Trout Catalyst and DBIx::Class consultancy with a clue
Technical Director and a commit bit: http://shadowcat.co.uk/catalyst/
Shadowcat Systems Limited
mst (@) shadowcat.co.uk http://shadowcat.co.uk/blog/matt-s-trout/

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