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Gesendet: 28.03.09 01:45:01
An: catalyst@lists.scsys.co.uk
Betreff: Re: [Catalyst] General Web- and OO-question Hi all,
I don't think any of this is insurmountable; the biggest reason I haven't tried
one or all of these is that I'm lazy.
And how are you solving that problem being lazy. My first question was partly motivated
by laziness too as I wanted to use the objects's knowledge about attribute checking
outside the object (forms validation). The second motivations was getting a hint to
do it in a conceptual nice way.

So I still ask for solutions for the problem of instatiating complex objects while gathering
informations on multiple web pages. Problems are:
1) I may not have all required attributes at a time to instatiate an object correctly, therefor
instatiation can't be used to validate single attributes.

2) I can't create a "partly" valid object as storage for the meanwhile gathered attributes =>
I need another way to store the attributes.

I would really appreciate to hear more (real world) solutions to this dilemma.
How are you all out there doing it in a OO-fashion?

Thank you all.

Best regards

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