On 17 Feb 2009, at 11:34, Bj?rn-Helge Mevik wrote:

Jay Kuri wrote:
To that end I'm soliciting your thoughts on things that you found
particularly hard to get a grip on when you started using catalyst.
(or that you are currently having trouble with)
My biggest problem was how to handle the Norwegian characters (???) in
an app with MySql, DBIx::Class, TT and mod_perl. use Catalyst
qw/Unicode/ only solves the TT and mod_perl side of the pipeline. I
finally ended up with (IMHO) a cludge: adding on_connect_do => [ "set
character_set_client = 'utf8'", ] to the connect_info. It only works
as long as the internal coding in Perl happens to be utf8.
for a less kludgy way

I also had problems finding out how to create more comples FormFu
forms, with respect to layout, types of objects, and constraints. The
main problem was that the documentation is (IMHO) scarce and scattered
over a large number of files. (This is arguably a FormFu problem, but
FormFu is important for Catalyst applications. :-)
This is generally the problem with any such scaffold - they are fine
until they aren't. You either make them simple to use and learn, or
possible to extend how you want. Not both.


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