Here is another my 2 cents (in attachment).

This patch allow to use more than 80 chars in tables output, like list
of loaded components or actions - width will be auto-selected based on
terminal width or on enviroment variable. Useful and convenient for
debugging, imho. Feel free to correct either POD and code.

Some explanation about selected values for constants:

1) use constant WIDTH_MAX => 110;
I tried to use wider values, and as for me it looks worse - toooooo
wide :) May be, 120... Anyway, this value should not be more that 130,
imho. Probably, you'll want to try change it by yourself and find more
appropriate value.

2) use constant WIDTH_MIN => 70;
For some reason with too narrow screens I got 99% CPU load O_o
Seems like minor bug with Text::SimpleTable, when calculated width (my
$column_width) is 0 or negative. Imho, in such case Text::SimpleTable
should assume width with value 1, but it don't. I don't looked into it
really, this is only assumption. And having WIDTH_MIN is simplest way
to avoid such cases, I think.

Will be glad to hear some feedback :)

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Kostyuk (CUB-UANIC)
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