Ah. That's it.

I found a problem in the Makefile. Once that was fixed, the root directory started being installed in the right place. Shockingly, with the files in the right place, the templates were found. :-)


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On 23 Sep 2008, at 23:24, Coates, Greg wrote:

Okay. I've done this.

I did some more checking, and I realize that I'm not sure where the
static files and templates should be installed on a production
server. It doesn't look like they get picked up in the make process.
They should. If they aren't for any reason then you're doing
something which breaks things ;(
I currently have them in the /opt/myserver directory. My
application perl module files are in the standard site_perl location.

Where should the templates, etc go?
The template 'root' directory generally goes under the main directory
of your application, so if you're MyApp, then it'll be MyApp/root

Exactly where this is depends on your perl, but if you're installing
locally, I'd expect the templates to end up somewhere similar to /usr/


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