Okay. I've done this.

I did some more checking, and I realize that I'm not sure where the static files and templates should be installed on a production server. It doesn't look like they get picked up in the make process.

I currently have them in the /opt/myserver directory. My application perl module files are in the standard site_perl location.

Where should the templates, etc go?


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Your template files are not static files. They shouldn't be in the
static directory. A fairly standard configuration is to have a templates
directory right underneath root, at the same level as the static directory.

You should probably move the templates directory one level up and adjust
the config for your TT view.


Greg Coates wrote:
I've written my first Catalyst app. Up until this point, I've been
using the Catalyst development server, but now I'm working on
deploying the application on my webserver using apache and FastCGI.

The problem is, now that I have the app deployed, Catalyst can't seem
to find my template files. These templates were found with no problem
in the development environment. Here's the error I'm getting:
[error] Couldn't render template "file error - comments/report.tt: not

And here's my apache configuration:
LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so
FastCgiExternalServer /opt/myapp/myapp_fastcgi.pl -host
ServerName blog-admin.myserver.com
Alias /static /opt/myapp/root/static
Alias / /opt/myapp/myapp_fastcgi.pl/

(I have the template files in the /opt/myapp/root/static/templates

And the command I used to start the FastCGI server:
./myapp_fastcgi.pl -e -l -p /tmp/myapp.pid

I'm stumped. Does anyone see a problem with my configuration or
otherwise that might be keeping Catalyst from seeing my template files?

Greg Coates

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