Dermot wrote on 07/10/2008 02:46:33 AM:

2008/7/9 Mesdaq, Ali <amesdaq@websense.com>:
Just to better understand what your trying to do. Are you saying you
want to display records and only the records that are selected you want
to be passed to the other db?

Yes in part that correct. However up to that point there wouldn't have
been any validation on the records (there are imported from csv). I
had thought that I should, for each record, open it in a FormFu, do
the validation, if ok send it, if not halt and prompt the user.

Perhaps I should try a different approach, like validating the data at
the import stage. I had thought about using Chain also.
I must be misunderstanding what you are trying to do. I read it as
you have a few hundred records in your cat app that you wish to be able to
present to a user and have them submit them in such a way that a cgi post
happens to a non related cgi app (that controls another database). Is this
correct? If so, I do not know why you would not just show the records
(not in html forms, but as an informational view) with an ability to select
records. these selected records posted via a submit to your app, can cause
your app to validate (why are they not validated on import of the csv btw?)
and submit to the external app via LWP server side (not via some client
side javascript hack).


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