I'm sorry but something just feels wrong about your approach - feels
like your mixing at matching REST & a UI on top. Get the REST part down
first, & then worry about something the browser can see on top of it. I
don't think you should let 'what a browser can see' to influence the
REST design.
Get the primitives, GET to search, POST to insert, PUT to update, and
DELETE to remove working.
Then you, or someone else, can layer something nice for the browser on
top of that. Letting what the 'browser can see (or do)' influence your
RESTful design is just a bad idea I think if you're trying to create a
REST controller.
Now if you wanted to create just a generic CRUD controller that sort of
looked like REST or borrowed some ideas from it, then fine.
I guess the problem myself (& others perhaps) are having is calling what
I think you're proposing 'REST'.

Dave Rolsky wrote:
On Fri, 16 May 2008, Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:

Why would anyone care about GET vs POST? I guarantee most users don't

If you mean they want to use a form, that has nothing to do with the
Forms can submit GET requests.
It might need to be a POST if you need to download a file as one of
the search arguments (for example for searching for a similar
I think you mean _upload_, right?
The URI you propose could be RESTful, if you think of "search" as a
maybe short for "search results".
OK - what I was argumenting about is that sometimes it is convenient
to have an URI like that. The other part of the argument is that if
you have an uri '/cd/search' - then you should not use '/cd/1' to
retrieve the CD object - because then you mix data with commands (id
with actions).
I have no strong opinion on this. I was just pointing out which URIs
were RESTful and which weren't.


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