On Fri, 16 May 2008, Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:

Why would anyone care about GET vs POST? I guarantee most users don't care.

If you mean they want to use a form, that has nothing to do with the method.
Forms can submit GET requests.
It might need to be a POST if you need to download a file as one of
the search arguments (for example for searching for a similar
I think you mean _upload_, right?
The URI you propose could be RESTful, if you think of "search" as a noun,
maybe short for "search results".
OK - what I was argumenting about is that sometimes it is convenient
to have an URI like that. The other part of the argument is that if
you have an uri '/cd/search' - then you should not use '/cd/1' to
retrieve the CD object - because then you mix data with commands (id
with actions).
I have no strong opinion on this. I was just pointing out which URIs were
RESTful and which weren't.


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