On Jul 18, 2007, at 10:49 AM, John Napiorkowski wrote:
validating types for your columns. I do this for very
common things like email addresses. Postgresql is
nice for this since you can create custom types and
domains using Perl as your procedural language.
Please tell me you're either doing *real* email validation (e.g.
Mail::Address), or something overly lax.. Aside from sites that
won't let me enter valid email addresses (keep in mind that just
about the only character not legal in an email address is NUL). I've
even had sites who "updated" their validation such that people who
previously had accounts could no longer login. ("+" is the really
common one to get rejected, but I had a friend who had his email
rejected once because it had a "-" in the domain name!)

My rule of thumb on email validation is "don't bother". Or rather,
if you really care, send mail to it and ask them to respond. After
all, just because it's valid doesn't mean it *works*. I think a lot
of sites do it "just because". Originally it was done because people
kept "making mistakes." Of course the most of the mistakes were
intentional attempts to avoid getting spammed (somewhere.com was
*real* popular for fake addresses).

If you're just checking for typos "/.+\@.+\..+/" is probably
sufficient. (Assuming of course that you don't want me to enter
"somewhere.com!nazgul" as my email address, even though it might well
work, and is certainly "legal".)
I end up mirroring a lot of this in DBIC using
DBIC::Validate since I'd rather catch syntactical
errors in my code instead of throwing a database
error. For me that's the last line of defense.
Are you referring to DBIx::Class::Validation, or is there another
module. I looked at that, but it didn't seem to make any use of the
actual schema data.
I tend to think of this as 'spell checking versus
grammar checking'. Your domain code is the grammar
for a particular business activity. At least I think
of it that way.
That's a good metaphor.

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