Wade.Stuart@fallon.com wrote:
"Evaldas Imbrasas" <evaldas@imbrasas.com> wrote on 05/15/2007 05:45:11 PM:
Persistent login is the one that lasts longer than a session. When a
user logs in, she gets an option to be remembered for a given period
of time. If this user comes back within that period of time, she is
auto-logged in. A good example for this is mail.yahoo.com.
I do not know what you mean "lasts longer then a session" -- http is
stateless, if you want state (such as logged in and authorized) you need
some sort of session (cookie, uri, hiddenform,...).

I think the OP means an auto login facility where you have a persistent
cookie. On session initialization, if the persistent cookie is present,
you automatically authenticate the user. Usually the cookie value is
a hard to guess string (SHA1 or MD5 hash) so it becomes a password
equivalent. That value is looked up in the db (or wherever) to map it
back to the original user id it was assigned to.


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