After working through the tutorial, and getting
crypted passwords to work, I now need to build my
first production app.

One thing I've run into: I don't have control over the
Model, and the DBIx schemas and classes are all in
outside modules. However, the layout of the DBIx
schema and class files don't aren't layed out
according to a project. If I'm reading the docs
correctly, then I'd have to set up a separate DBIx
schema file using the classes that I need (which isn't
an option).

I see in the Intro, you can to something like this:

use Some::Outside::Database::Module;
my @records =
artist => 'Led Zeppelin',

which is pretty much what I want to do.

I also want to use an outside module to authenticate
instead of the plugins and using myapp.yml. However,
I'm curious if there is a way to integrate with
authentication and session plugins so I can

"if ($c->login($username, $password)) {"

in my Login controller and use the "automagic"
sessioning, but use my outside module to actually

Hope this makes sense. As far as the existing DBIx
schema/class files, I think I understand that
correctly. Basically, I need to use internally
provided libraries for the model, including user

Thank you.

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