On 12/11/06, Goetz Bock wrote:
Dear list,

as I'm not totaly sure wether to try the catalyst or the formbuilder ML,
I choose the catalyst ML, as it's probably a problem with (the docs of)

I'm using the SVN version of C::C::FormBuilder, revision 5783.

When I build my TT2 Template accourding to the docs, I'm unable to
submit it, as the hidden "_submitted" field is not generated and
form->submitted() always is false.

When I use form.render, everythign is fine.

What should I do:
- remove the if ( form->submitted() ) test from my controller
- manualy add a hidden _submitted field, but it would always be 1
Under TT2 the [% form.start %] will include the statetags. The [%
form.statetags %] doesn't seem to work, and the C::C::FormBuilder docs
should not mention it. This seems to be the fault with
CGI::FormBuilder -- the best thing to do is to get the exact same
template working outside of Catalyst using
CGI::FormBuilder->new(source => 'foo', template => 'baz, ...) directly
to see if there is something that is inconsistent in the Catalyst

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