On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 11:23:16PM +0000, Ash Berlin wrote:
Firstly there is a HTMLWidget mailing list for this ;)
Sure there is; however the HTML::Widget docs talk about a 'query
object' without defining anywhere in them what a query object actually
is. By trial and error I've discovered that the result of 'new CGI'
is one such beast, so also is a Catalyst::Request object, hence asking
here on this list.
Using constraints on input from a database doesn't make sense. If the
data is invalid it shouldn't make it to the database in the first place.
That's your opinion. Nowhere is it written that data in a database
conforms to whatever user interface constraints are in force. It is
perfectly valid to let the user know where an existing record fails
the constraints.

So, in the mean time I've discovered the solution to my problem.
The trick is to do something like:

$c->request->param($col, $value) if $preload;

Please please please can someone tidy up the documentation for
request->param. It makes out that it is a read-only method call.
(Yes I know there's a caveat about multi-value parameters, which
gave the game away. It ought to be clearer though!)

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