Hey guys,

I'm using HTML::Widget; I've created a widget and preloaded it
with values from a database record using ...->value(...).
I've also set up some constraints, so that the fields can be type

However, I can't get the constraint errors to work. Well they
work if I submit a form, set up the widget and use


to load the values in. However when I load the widget from the
record directly using ->value(...) and then $widget->process(),
none of the constraints are triggered.

I'm confused....

So, I'm trying to hack my way around it by creating a 'query' object
to use in place of $c->req the first time around. How do I do that?

Or, how do I do it properly?


Josef Karthauser (joe@tao.org.uk) http://www.josef-k.net/
FreeBSD (cvs meister, admin and hacker) http://www.uk.FreeBSD.org/
Physics Particle Theory (student) http://www.pact.cpes.sussex.ac.uk/
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